2022-07-30 08:44:04

News 2022.07 - Bicycle wagon SLB G/s 601 und 602

Available again in very limited quantities!

We have finally been able to reissue the popular Pinzgauer bicycle cars! The models of the SLB G/s 601 and the SLB G/s 602 are now available again in very limited quantities. As a small gift, each bicycle carriage now also comes with a small bicycle!



Item No. 821-601

Item No. 821-601

In the Pinzgau region, the cars were often combined with the moss-green Krimmler cars to form the so-called "National Park Train". The passenger carriages and other available models from the Pinzgau can be found in the web shop!

The Pinzgauer Lokalbahn is a narrow-gauge line with a proud past and a great future. Whether storms or floods, not even major accidents seem to stop the “Pinzgauer”. While other Narrow gauge railway in Austria have to reduce, the PLB is growing year after year. The Pinzgau valley is important to us not only because of the warmth and the proverbial resilience of its inhabitants, but also because of the magnificent landscape and the colourful and diverse vehicle park of its railway line. This explains the abundance of models that fit the SLB G/s 601/602 and are waiting to adorn your little Pinzgaubahn.

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