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2021-05-03 11:27:14

News 2021.03 - Pinzgauer VTs12-16

VTs16 " Stuhlfelden" now available

The vehicles of the ÖBB series 5090 quickly established themselves on all narrow-gauge railways in the country, were exchanged like Panini cards, and are still the backbone of passenger transport today.




Until the early 1980s passenger transport on the narrow-gauge railways of the ÖBB had been served exclusively by older-style locomotives and passenger coaches. When the call for competitive options with modern vehicles grew louder, railcars based on the VT model of the Styrian State Railway were procured. The vehicles of the ÖBB series 5090 quickly established themselves on all narrow-gauge railways in the country, were exchanged like Panini cards, and are still the backbone of passenger transport today.


VTs14 "Piesendorf" new Variant!

With the takeover of the Pinzgauer Lokalbahn by the State of Salzburg, the railcars 5090 001 to 006 were handed over to Salzburg AG as its new operator, which now designates the vehicles as VTs11-16. By 2010 they were all painted in the colours of Salzburg AG (ruby red and white). The railcars were redesigned several times. The models of the new edition 2021 show the cars in their current condition.

The models of the PLB VTs12-16 new edition are factory-fitted with a new circuit board with NEM651 interface. Digitization is easy (MX622N). If requested when ordering, the models can also be digitized at the factory (H90-DIGITAL). The running characteristics and driving noise could be improved. A sound upgrade is available! Simply add the article number H90-SOUND when ordering!

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