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You provide the template. We deliver the decals!

Decal (diːkəl, a short form of English decalcomania "to transmit") is the common name for wet slide images in model construction. They are mainly used for lettering on models that are too fine or complex to paint or print. Decals have to be moistened briefly before being applied to the model in order to activate the adhesive layer on which they are printed.

So far, decals have been very laboriously produced by screen printing or with the help of expensive solvent printers. The thermal transfer printers, like those at home, cannot print white and also do not deliver opaque colors. Creating your own decals was not possible until now. But this has now come to an end:

For the first time, we are now offering you the opportunity to order your own UV decals digitally. UV-curing ink (UV printing for short) lies on the medium and does not penetrate the film. This makes the print appear a little raised and can be felt. The ink does not dry but is hardened with UV light. A water-cooled UV lamp is built into the printer for this purpose, which irradiates the ink with UV light during the printing process and thereby hardens it. The print quality is excellent and the white coverage is almost perfect. Even behind glass decals can be printed!

UV prints are purely manual work, because each sheet has to be placed and fixed individually. But the result is absolute premium class! Decals / water slide films for model making are produced in sheets using UV printing. The standard film for water slide films in UV printing is only 7 µm thick, making it ultra-thin. For large-area decals, we recommend the 13 µm film to minimize stretching of the film during transfer.

Please read the instructions "Design your own UV decals" in the download area of our website carefully before you start designing your own decals!