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Quotation for new models

The number of vehicles that have not yet been implemented as models is increasing day by day!

We are working flat out to reverse the trend and look forward to your model suggestions by email. In order to be able to answer the question of feasibility more quickly, we ask you to consider a few points when making your request.

We basically differentiate between shape variants and design variants. Due to the complex mold construction, models in the first category are associated with significantly higher costs / quantities. If we are "only" supposed to change the design of one of our standard models, the unit price from 100-150 pieces is often already in an attractive range.

Design variant (without change of shape): Send us meaningful photos of the vehicle (overlapping detailed photos of the entire left and right side of the vehicle as well as of the front and rear with all pictograms), the basic model and the envisaged number of pieces. We also need information on the paintwork (RAL / Pantone Code) and possibly other locomotive numbers, wagon numbers, line numbers and destination signs. Based on this data, we will send you a stepped offer within a week. We will then send you a draft for approval and all the relevant information.

Shape variant - Even small changes usually require complex tool construction! For a new model we need a lot more detailed data. In addition to the above information, please send us dimensioned technical drawings (2D) and, if possible, 3D data (* .stp) of the outer shell. Photographs and drawings of the interior, the driver's cab and the roof are also required. It is very difficult to set a minimum order quantity for a new model without dealing with the original in detail. However, you can assume production of several 100 pieces is required before the unit price becomes attractive enough to enable resale. Which is why this offer is primarily aimed at commercial customers. We will send you a staggered offer approx. Two weeks after receiving the data. You will usually receive the draft for approval and all relevant information 20-30 days after receipt of your order.

Without printing: We are being asked more and more often whether it is possible to order a model “white” without any color or a simple basic color. Basically, we will gladly comply with this request for a small surcharge, as long as we have the relevant components in stock - or the model will be reissued soon. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will inform you as soon as possible whether this option is available.