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Model trams

Leopold HALLING, originally a small toolmaking business in Vienna, developed a keen skill for model making and over decades became the largest manufacturer of model trams in the world. Today, in addition to the impressive range of trams, the company also offers the finest models of underground trains, suburban trains and regional and local railways .

Railway models and accessories

FERRO-TRAIN, originally known as a producer of filigree brass models, has developed steadily. Despite the most modern materials and technology, the traditional handicraft has remained in the production of small series models. In addition to the popular and wide-ranging assortment of rack railway models, the fine, small equipment details for dioramas and layouts round off the portfolio .

HALLING drive technology

The drive systems from HALLING Modelle are becoming more and more popular! In addition to the moderate price, the long service life and the constant availability, it is above all the very wide range of different wheelbases and the possibility of selecting several track gauges and wheel types, that makes HALLING drives the first choice when motorising models .


Greatly expanded assortment!

White models in architecture or design serve to assess the outer form without being distracted by a colour scheme. In model making, the term has become established for unpainted, and therefore often actually white models. The white models from HALLING are neither painted nor glued, and are therefore in a condition that allows the model railroader to realise his own colour scheme.



  • VAR-B34-M

    News 2023.09 - Flexity Berlin


    With humor and Berlin Schnauze! As already promised, the Flexity Berlin 3027 and 3034 are also available! As a special surprise and also as an expression of our love for the Berlin model, all Flexity models can now be decorated in an exemplary manner. There is a choice of five of the now legendary BVG slogans from the current "Because we love you" campaign.



    News 2023.09 - The cog railway of FERRO-TRAIN


    40 years of cog railway models! 1983: Michel Jackson's album "Thriller" stays at number one in the US album charts for 37 weeks. The SPÖ becomes the party with the most votes, but loses its absolute majority, leading to Bruno Kreisky's resignation. And Gerhard Riedl aka GERARD launches the first kit models of a narrow-gauge cog railway modelled on the Austrian Schneeberg.


  • OLD-L44-M

    News 2023.09 - Vintage Tram Lissboa


    150 years of the Lisbon tramway! The Lisbon tramway, Portuguese Carros eléctricos de Lisboa, has existed since 1873 and has been operated electrically since 1901. We would like to congratulate the great city and its tram on its birthday and dedicate a model from what was probably the most beautiful era in its history.


  • VAR-B17-M

    News 2023.09 - Flexity Berlin


    The Flexity Berlin is back! When we announced a small series of the Berlin Flexity models in May last year, we were somewhat surprised by the popularity of the models. The models created by completing the overproduction were sold out within days, which also caused some resentment. All the more reason for us to present the first models of the new edition 2023!



    News 2023.08 - Vintage Tram Prague


    The museum railcar 109 as a model for the first time! The Czech Republic is a Central European country with graceful castles, local beers and a long history. The capital Prague is home to the magnificent 9th century Prague Castle, a well-preserved medieval Old Town and the statue-lined Charles Bridge.


  • M-114

    News 2023.08 - Fences and railings


    -25% on all fences and railings!! A fence is an enclosure. It separates two areas permanently or temporarily by a man-made boundary. It is usually made of wood, metal or, more recently, plastic. Unlike a wall, however, it is in principle transportable and permeable to a limited extent.


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