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FERRO-TRAIN, originally known as a manufacturer of brass models, has continued to develop. In the meantime, a healthy mix of small series models, the finest handcrafted models and plastic series models are produced. The fine equipment details for dioramas and systems complete the portfolio.


Leopold HALLING originally founded his company for toolmaking, corresponding orders from model railway companies such as Stängl MODELLBAHNEN and FERRO-TRAIN and a pronounced skill in model construction made him the largest manufacturer of model trams in the world over the decades.


Stängl MODELLBAHNEN were the first to develop narrow-gauge models for the Austrian market for series production! Few people know that Josef Stängl began designing simple tram models for Wiener Linien 50 years ago. When he retired in 2017, he handed over around 100 models and an immense wealth of experience.


The eternal Ybbstaler!

The short ÖBB wagon with the number 3246 has a slightly turbulent and thus typically Austrian history. He has experienced a lot and yet never really left his beautiful home, the Ybbstal! When his wheels first travelled the rails of the Ybbstalbahn, it wore classic green and was documented, at least for a time, with the city arms of Lunz am See.



  • AVN-B21-M

    News 2021.12 - Avenio Tram for Bremen


    MOIN, I'm new here! The new Avenio Bremen from Siemens cheerfully greets his driving gesture. To be able to realize Bremen's northern lights in a model and thus to expand the in-house Avenio fleet by another member is a great honour for the small Viennese model railway forge HALLING Modelle!


  • WC4-B24

    The next C4


    c4 1324 - The next c4 from cbmodels! The first two models from the young Viennese company cbmodels® enjoyed great popularity. Now and in time for Christmas, the next model in the series comes in a new version. The version with small door windows and full-length oversized windows goes perfectly with the E1 models from HALLING models.


  • 726-630-CP

    H0e Christmas Wagon


    The "Christkindl Post Office" in the historic post car! The FERRO-TRAIN Christmas wagon has meanwhile become a cherished tradition! All the more tragic that it almost didn't happen this year.


  • KSW-WLR-25-M

    News 2021.12 - KSW of Vienna


    The "second" real KSW of Vienna! Just before the end of the war, Vienna received 30 KSW, the so-called Heidelberger. They could not be put into operation until 1945, but initially retained their "protective coating". The current small series now shows one of the first KSW in the typical Viennese red and white color scheme from around 1949.


  • Steyrtalbahn

    News 2021.12 Wagons of the Steyrtalbahn


    The four-axle passenger cars of the Steyrtalbahn! After what feels like 15 years, these exemplary cars are the first models of passenger cars for the popular Steyrtalbahn. For the first time, all models are supplied with a small set of decals, which allow an epoch-correct design.


  • MIX-101

    The locomotives Breitenau und Hochlantsch


    The new edition 2021 of the sought after models continues! H0e LüP 7 cm with light, decoder and sound!
    The green models from Era I of the Breitenauer Railway also bring more innovations than should fit into this small, almost delicate machine! In addition to smooth driving characteristics, the new coreless drive creates plenty of space for model updates!


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