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News 2022.02 - Viennese Type X

The new Type X subway for Vienna!

The Type X of the Vienna Underground, also known as the "X-Wagen", is the third generation of high-floor traction units. Following the legendary Silver Arrow (Type U) and the popular V-Wagen, the X-Wagen now represents a further development of the proven principle. It has been successively produced by Siemens since 2018 and delivered to Wiener Linien since 2020. The first models are now also available and are in no way inferior to the large prototype!





The models are offered as three-part half trains, which can be assembled to form a block train with an impressive 1.280 mm. For those who don't have enough space in their display case, we offer single cab cars that provide a dignified, if not completely prototypical, finish to the half train. For the time being, only floor models will be offered. Of course, the models will also be available motorized, with NEM658 interface and changeable light and pre-orders will be gladly accepted. Due to the current supply situation for electronic components, delivery will be delayed by several weeks.

The construction of the X-Wagen was unusually complex, because the customer Siemens always attaches great importance to even the smallest details. Thus, no compromises are made in the level of detail of the bogie panels or the air-conditioning systems, and even each individually inserted chair has the same color in the model as it does in the full-scale prototype.

The X series is to replace the older Silver Arrows and will be used throughout Vienna's subway network, except on the U6 line. The six-car Type X trains will be walkable and air-conditioned throughout. The new sets are expected to run on the U1, U2, U3 and U4 lines from 2022 in the usual semi-automatic or fully manual operation with a driver.

The model of the X-Wagen has been designed and manufactured with the greatest care and an extremely high level of detail. Almost one and a half years passed from the first idea to the delivery of the models. Around 300 kg of plastic, over 100 kg of steel, many liters of paint and, above all, several thousand hours of work were invested in order to be able to present an extraordinary model today.
In order to showcase all this splendor appropriately, specially manufactured, high-quality acrylic glass display cases are offered, which provide the unusually long model with the necessary presentation space.

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