2024-03-05 10:54:07

NEWS 2024.03 - Vienna c4 trailer

The new c4 is here!

Probably the most important gap in the proud series of Viennese tramway models has been filled by the highly innovative and detail-loving Viennese model railway specialists cbmodels®. Just in time for the Vienna Model Railway Fair in Liesing, the new c4 sidecar is finally being released after a long dry spell - and it is an honor and a pleasure for us to present it!





The c4, probably the most loyal companion of the E1 railcar, left service in the mid-1970s and formed the backbone of the sidecar fleet in Vienna for an incredible 48 years. In summer 2022, the c4 retired from regular passenger service. The veteran of so many decades in the streets of Vienna can now take the public to the locations on Tramway Day.

The c4 models developed in Vienna take all these peculiarities and differences into account and also offer a permanently illuminated red LED tail light as standard in both analog and digital mode.

A comprehensive set of line lettering and pictograms as decals and a dummy coupler are also included. For all those who want to couple their c4 with the E1 in an exemplary manner, a remarkable set of finely detailed and functional magnetic couplers is now available.

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