2023-10-16 15:32:22

News 2023.10 - Custom Drives

It is not the size that matters, but the right technique!

Called out in a low voice, and all too often spoiled by somewhat desperate overtones, the message of men was spread to all countries of the world. After countless attempts, setbacks and revisions, we can proudly announce: With our technology, you get exactly the size that matters!





The revolutionary drive technology of the MAX series allows for the first time to order custom drives with freely selectable length! Just tell us the track gauge (H0/m), the desired wheel base (48-80mm) and choose one of three possible wheel diameters (8/9/10mm) when you order.

We manufacture your drive within 2-3 working days in the desired design. The very respectable price is valid from the first pieces and there is already a first quantity discount from 5 pcs.

The bespoke drives are equipped with two powered axles and a brushless motor and are deliberately designed to be simple. The installation in the model or the retrofitting of a decoder are done in a few minutes.

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