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News 2024.04 - Vienna Light Railway

Unique opportunity!

The N railcars and the n trailer were used purely for light rail transport and on line 18G (1925-1961). The set of two railcars with a sidecar coupled in between is preserved in the Remise Transport Museum in very good condition to this day.





The unique new edition of the highly detailed models of the Vienna city railway set is equipped with a bell anchor drive as befits its status, all cars are factory-fitted with magnetic couplers, fine sign panels and filigree metal grab irons, and are only offered as a set. A very small six-pin NEM651 interface was installed for simple digitalisation.

The three-car set was the shortest possible reversible train, but other train formations were also possible. Three working railcars were permitted in a train, they were only to be distributed as evenly as possible in the train formation. Classic trains were formed as N-n-n-n-n-N or even N-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-N. Only trains running between Hütteldorf-Hacking and Heiligenstadt did not necessarily need a railcar at the end of the train due to the turning loops there.

The specially developed vehicles of types N (180 units), n (150 units) and n1 (120 units) were used on the electric light railway. The modified type n1 differed from the first-built sidecars due to its slightly lower weight. The large order of 450 carriages was shared by Grazer Waggonfabrik, Simmeringer Waggonfabrik, Waggonfabrik Enzesfeld and Lohner-Werke, with the latter only contributing sidecars.The last day of operation was 3 April 1961.

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