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    News 2024.05 - Viennese roof adverts

    Old Vienna at its best!
    The finely etched, full-colour and double-sided printed accessories with point tools and flags for the M wagons have run out. We have taken this opportunity to completely revise them and have added new roof advertisements, fresh destinations and previously unused rails. The current series of M-cars is now equipped with the sparkling Ottakringer roof advertisement, but the fine accessories can also be purchased separately and are suitable for all historic Viennese trams.


  • OLD-F07-M

    News 2024.05 - Freiburg New Edition

    At the start of the season - the first Hoobl!
    The Freiburg im Breisgau tramway, formerly known colloquially as Hoobl (Alemannic for slicer), has been in existence since 1901, was electrified from the very beginning and is now operated by five lines in regular service as well as the vintage line 7. The current model replicates a railcar from the very first series of electric vehicles in Freiburg!


  • WC3-B56

    News 2024.04 - Vienna c3 trailer

    All good things come in threes!
    We're delighted that you liked the first two half-size models so much! The c2 1002 and c3 1110 models are now sold out! But as we all know, all good things come in threes. And so we are delighted and a little proud to present the c3 1156! This very harmonious model is modelled on the prototype in conductorless condition circa 1973, i.e. after the heyday of the ‘Halbstarke Garnituren’ in Vienna, and would therefore also combine perfectly with an E1.



    News 2024.04 - Vienna Light Railway

    Unique opportunity!
    The N railcars and the n trailer were used purely for light rail transport and on line 18G (1925-1961). The set of two railcars with a sidecar coupled in between is preserved in the Remise Transport Museum in very good condition to this day.


  • Großartige_Kleinigkeiten

    News 2024.04 - Great Little Things

    Great Little Things
    It's time again to let the great little things take center stage!


  • Schafberg_Bahn

    News 2024.04 - Cog Wheel Railway

    A new carriage for the Schafberg Bahn!
    The Schafberg Bahn is a meter-gauge cogwheel railroad in Austria that runs between St. Wolfgang am Wolfgangsee in the Salzkammergut (542 m above sea level) and the Schafberg (1782 m above sea level). The valley station is located in Upper Austria, the mountain station in the province of Salzburg.


  • Spielplatz

    News 2024.03 - Playful Things

    We have a new photo diorama!
    As you can easily see, the great Rainer Imb from Artbeeren has built a wonderful photo diorama for us. We will be presenting it in more detail over the next few weeks. This week, we dare to take a furtive, almost intimate look into the backyard.


  • WC2-B02

    NEWS 2024.03 - Berlin Reko

    The 69ers!
    Rekowagen is a term coined in the GDR for two-axle tram vehicles rebuilt, i.e. reconstructed, at the Reichsbahnausbesserungswerk Berlin-Schöneweide, which were supplied in various designs from 1959 to 1975 to the Berlin transport companies in the eastern part of Berlin (BVG-Ost) and to other transport companies in the GDR.


  • WC4-B66_3

    NEWS 2024.03 - Vienna c4 trailer

    The new c4 is here!
    Probably the most important gap in the proud series of Viennese tramway models has been filled by the highly innovative and detail-loving Viennese model railway specialists cbmodels®. Just in time for the Vienna Model Railway Fair in Liesing, the new c4 sidecar is finally being released after a long dry spell - and it is an honor and a pleasure for us to present it!


  • WC3-B10_MWagen

    News 2024.02 - Vienna c2 trailer

    The wild 1950s in Vienna!
    The "Halbstarke", literally half-strengths, is an expression from the German-speaking countries of the 1950s. It was a colloquial and often derogatory term used to describe mostly male, working-class youths who had fallen prey to the harmful influences of rock 'n' roll.



    News 2024.02 - Urbos Luxembourg

    The Stater Tram!
    The Stater Tram is the tramline of Luxembourg's capital city. Since 2017, it has been transporting around 17,000 people a day along an 8.5 km route to Kirchberg-Plateau, creating the basis for economic and demographic growth in Luxembourg City, where hundreds of thousands of commuters were stuck in traffic jams every day.


  • ANT-K-GLO-H0

    News 2024.02 - The Coreless

    Welcome to the family!
    Coreless motors are electric motors with permanent magnets and a hollow, iron-less rotor. In this case, the stator, a permanent magnet, is located inside the rotor. The external motor housing provides the necessary feedback for the magnetic flux of the stator.



    News 2024.01 - Tram Strausberg

    ... from Berlin to the Lustgarten!
    Strausberger Eisenbahn GmbH (STE) operates the small railway of the same name in the Brandenburg town of Strausberg to the east of Berlin. The in some places quite picturesque line 89 from the railway station to the town connects the metropolis of Berlin with it´s local recreation.


  • ANT-ALX-197-H0

    News 2024.01 - The Game Changer

    The Game Changer.
    For several decades, the bogies of our models were driven by a Mabuchi engine and cardan shafts, and that was a good thing! But there is a better way - much better! The brand new and highly innovative bogie drives from HALLING Modelle are equipped with a small but powerful coreless motor.


  • KK5-M01-M

    News 2024.01 - Manchester M5000

    The Manchester Metrolink is back!
    The M5000 from Alstom (formerly Bombardier) is a light rail vehicle. It belongs to the Flexity Swift series, which was specially built as a high-floor articulated streetcar for exclusive use on the Metrolink system in Manchester, England. It is a great honor for the small Viennese model railroad manufacturer HALLING Modelle to be able to realize this very successful prototype in a model!



    News 2023.12 - KSW Work Car

    A real piece of model railroad history!
    The Kriegsstraßenbahnwagen (KSW) were intended to replace the numerous vehicles that were destroyed during the Second World War. These classics were built in a correspondingly simple, robust and material-saving manner. Unsurprisingly, they continued to be used as work cars in many cities after their official end of service.


  • 811-GWW-M

    News 2023.12 - A Merry Christmas!

    Christmas promotion - 10% off all models in stock!
    Even if the year seems to have flown by, Christmas will soon be here again! Behind us all lies a wonderful, albeit hectic time, which we now want to round off with a few quiet days. And we want to take the time to thank our dear customers: thank you for your encouragement, thank you for your ideas and, above all, thank you for your enjoyment of our models.


  • The Mulled Wine Wagon

    News 2023.12 - The Mulled Wine Wagon

    A wonderful Christmas tradition!
    Every year we are honored and delighted to finally be able to present the Christmas wagon. This year it took a little longer, but it was worth the wait!


  • 1023-W

    News 2023.12 - The historic Schneebergbahn

    The new historic real wood water car
    The ride on the unique and over 100-year-old Schneebergbahn from Puchberg to Hochschneeberg is a real narrow-gauge experience! Almost as exciting is the now completely revised and breathtakingly beautiful model of the legendary historic water car!