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2024-02-27 10:08:12

News 2024.02 - Vienna c2 trailer

The wild 1950s in Vienna!

The "Halbstarke", literally half-strengths, is an expression from the German-speaking countries of the 1950s. It was a colloquial and often derogatory term used to describe mostly male, working-class youths who had fallen prey to the harmful influences of rock 'n' roll.




From 1956 onwards, tramsets consisting of two-axle railcars with modern four-axle large-capacity trailers of types c2 or c3 were frequently used in Vienna, which were colloquially and often pejoratively referred to as "halbstarke" tramsets.

The new edition of the popular classic Viennese c3 trailer car from HALLING Modelle makes it possible for the very first time to recreate such a iconic set in a model. The highly elaborate and finely printed trailer with the car number 1110 can be combined with the already available type M railcar models in the correct period.

And thanks to the historically correct numbers and destination signs for railcars and sidecars, several typical semi-truck sets can be revived in a completely exemplary manner. Two further sidecars are in preparation and will be presented in the next few weeks. The number of each is very limited and it is unfortunately very unlikely that we will be able to issue the coaches again in this form. So get your hands on them quickly!

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