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2024-01-04 19:56:41

News 2024.01 - Manchester M5000

The Manchester Metrolink is back!

The M5000 from Alstom (formerly Bombardier) is a light rail vehicle. It belongs to the Flexity Swift series, which was specially built as a high-floor articulated streetcar for exclusive use on the Metrolink system in Manchester, England. It is a great honor for the small Viennese model railroad manufacturer HALLING Modelle to be able to realize this very successful prototype in a model!

Halling Modelle



The first of a total of 147 M5000 vehicles with the number 3001 was delivered back in 2009. On this memorable occasion, the model of the M5000 was produced by HALLING Modelle for the first time. The last light rail vehicle with the number 3147 was delivered in 2022 and, fittingly, the second and probably last edition of this exemplary model is now being released in a timely manner. 

The M5000 was designed on the basis of the K5000 construction used in the German cities of Cologne and Bonn and adapted to the special needs of the Metrolink lines. The models of the Manchester M5000 from HALLING Modelle are hardly inferior to the large prototype in terms of ride comfort and technical equipment. The elaborate printing of the models was carried out at the customer's request using high-quality and labor-intensive pad printing technology. The model can be individualized using the number and destination plate decals supplied. 

The current new edition of the M5000 was initiated by the Tramway and Light Railway Society. HALLING Modelle has produced models especially for the TLRS, which are only offered by the society. The sale of these models with numerous and exclusive car numbers and extensive decals for different operating eras will start shortly: In return, the models with the car numbers 3101 and 3015 will only be offered by HALLING Modelle! A unique opportunity for all those who missed the first delivery series or who want to expand their Metrolink fleet!

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