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2024-02-13 09:44:33

News 2024.02 - The Coreless

Welcome to the family!

Coreless motors are electric motors with permanent magnets and a hollow, iron-less rotor. In this case, the stator, a permanent magnet, is located inside the rotor. The external motor housing provides the necessary feedback for the magnetic flux of the stator.




Due to the ironless design of the rotor, the motor does not form a cogging torque and can rotate completely free. As no iron parts need to be remagnetised during operation, this motor is free of iron losses and therefore achieves significantly higher efficiency levels. Model railway vehicles equipped with a bell-type armature motor are characterised by smooth running and good low-speed characteristics.

The already impressive range of bell-type armature drives from HALLING Modelle has now grown by another member. The solid K drive with 41.4 mm wheelbase was originally developed for the Wierner classic car models types G, H, K, M and N and is still used today in numerous customised models. In response to customer demand, it has now been fitted with an 816 bell-type armature motor. See the advantages of this little powerhouse for yourself!

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