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  • 205-615-A

    News 2022.07 - NÖVOG V9 and V15

    A new model from A to Z!
    It would almost be easier to describe everything that has remained the same than to list all the innovations that are now packed into the new 2095 locomotives! From front to back and from the chassis to the roof - a completely new model!

    A few weeks ago Josef Stängl, the founding father of the Austrian H0e scene, was amazed. The 2095, which he had made for so many years and in so many versions, had received a comprehensive model update. "It's great what you can do these days! I wish all this had been available in my days!"


  • MO-309-FM

    Novelties 2022.06 - 0 and G Gauge Sale

    Up to -50% on 0 and G gauge!
    Over the years, we have produced a number of miniatures for 0 gauge and garden railways. In the meantime, so many new miniatures, accessories, decals, spare parts, drives and similar lucrative items have been added that we now have to completely and permanently part with the large-gauge miniatures.


  • H90-14F

    Novelties 2022.06 - ÖBB 5090 Class

    Modells of the ÖBB 5090 Class!
    In the early 1980s, when ÖBB's narrow-gauge railways, which until then had been served exclusively by locomotives and passenger coaches of older design, expressed the desire for competitive passenger transport with contemporary vehicles, railcars modelled on the VTs of the Steiermärkische Landesbahn were procured. The vehicles of the ÖBB series 5090 quickly became established on all narrow-gauge railways in the country, were exchanged among themselves like Panini cards, and still form the backbone of passenger transport today.


  • ANT-MAX-10-H0

    Novelties 2022.06 - The new ANT-MAX

    ANT-MAX – coreless drive with variable Wheel Base!
    The new ANT-MAX can be steplessly adjusted from a maximum axle length of 60.0 mm to 35.0 mm. In its centre sits the small black 8 mm coreless motor, which has already attracted the attention of several drives with its smooth running and incredible power.


  • OLD-H30-M

    Novelties 2022.06 - The Hanover Tw 130!

    The Hanover Tw 130 (ex Tw132) was built in 1900 by van den Zypen & Charlier Cologne and has been lovingly preserved in its last operating condition by Üstra to this day. The models will be presented at the fair Kleine Bahn Ganz Groß 2022 in Hannover/Sehnde. Pre-orders are welcome, as the series is very limited!

    We are looking forward to welcoming you soon at the KBGG 2022! As the fair is always very busy, we recommend that you reserve your models now. ATTENTION: we will not be able to bring all the spare parts we have in stock to the fair, so please order your spare parts as soon as possible!


  • VAR-B57-S

    News 2022.05 - Flexity Berlin

    231 Flexity for Berlin!
    The delivery of the first 99 Flexity Berlin began at the end of 2011. As early as 2012, more cars were ordered, the number of which was increased again in 2018, so that in May 2020, when 200 units had already been delivered, the future total stock of 231 Flexity for Berlin was confirmed!



    News 2022.05 - Variobahn Graz

    Jochen Rindt is alive!
    Jochen Rindt is a myth, all over the world and especially in Graz. The current exhibition shows how this exceptional personality came into being and takes a look at the significance of the city of Graz in this context. The Holding Graz is a project partner of the exhibition and so, in addition to the tram stop at Jochen-Rindt-Platz, an entire tramway has now been dedicated to the exceptional talent!


  • 725-602-SF

    News 2022.05 - Narrow Gauge Festival 2022

    A journey through time on the Mariazell Railway!
    On 18 and 19 June 2022, the Narrow Gauge Festival on the Mariazell Railway will once again take place. Under the motto "A journey through time on the Mariazell Railway", guests can expect a great programme all about the Mariazell Railway at several festival locations: guided tours, exhibitions, special nostalgic rides, regional gastronomy and a great children's and family programme.


  • H93-01H

    News 2022.04 - The ÖBB 2093.001-2

    The forgotten ÖBB 2093.001-2!
    The diesel locomotive of the series ÖBB 2093.01 is unique! It was built in 1927 by the Grazer Waggonfabrik, is still in service today and remained a unique piece. The narrow gauge locomotive was mainly used on the Ybbstalbahn between Waidhofen and Kienberg-Gaming or Ybbsitz. Later, it was used in shunting at St. Pölten-Alpenbahnhof for a long time and was finally retired. It was lovingly restored to its original condition for museum operation on the Ybbstalbahn mountain line.


  • 1021-07 / 1070-03

    News 2022.04 - The Observation Cars

    New observation cars for the cog railway!
    The new edition of the popular cog railway observation cars combines modern small series production with traditional craftsmanship. The models are based on the GERARD models, that the model railway visionary Gerhard Riedel published as kits over 30 years ago.


  • REK-BE7-M

    News 2022.04 - The Reko Trams Berlin

    The last of their kind!
    Rekowagen is a term coined in the GDR for two-axle tram vehicles that were rebuilt, which means reconstructed, in the Reichsbahnausbesserungswerk Berlin-Schöneweide. They were delivered in various designs from 1959 to 1975 to the Berlin transport companies in the eastern part of Berlin (BVG-Ost) and to other transport companies in the GDR.


  • H93-02W/725-203-WW/725-212-WW/725-214-WW

    News 2022.04 - The Wienerwald Railway

    The unforgettable Wienerwald Railway!
    Vienna seemed to be bursting at the seams towards the end of the 19th century, and excursion destinations in the city's surroundings were becoming increasingly popular. The French-German war had just ended and the World's Fair in the Prater opened its gates. It was the time of steam tramways and light railways! The cogwheel railway up the Kahlenberg, the cable railway up the Leopoldsberg and the so-called "Knöpferlbahn" from the Rieglerhütte to the Sophienalpe were built, when the unforgettable Wienerwald-Bahn also started operating.


  • H90-16H

    News 2022.03 - Help is coming! - NÖVOG Auxiliary train VT16

    Help is coming! - The Auxiliary train is ready!
    The long-awaited model of NÖVOG's unique VT16 relief train is finally ready and the long wait has been more than worth it. From the characteristic shutters to the workshop interior, a successful model with an impressive presence.
    NÖVOG's auxiliary train in its new design was presented to the public for the first time in 2017. Since then, it has served the crew as a mobile workshop and crew accommodation as well as a tool and material store. Is deployed wherever there are problems along the line. Occasionally it is coupled with some of the typical three-axle ballast wagons for track work, but most of the time it hurries on its own to its place of use.


  • WUX-3TL-M

    News 2022.03 - Subway Vienna Type X

    The motorized models are available!
    The motorized models of the Vienna X-Wagen are equipped with direction-dependent red-white alternating light, which shows off the characteristic light band under the windscreen to exemplary effect. Even the three large monitors of the driver's desk are individually illuminated and bathe the highly detailed driver's cab in soft light.

    All this is controlled by a specially developed circuit board with NEM658 Plux16 interface. Digitisation with the appropriate decoders (Item No. MX630P16) can easily be done by yourself or ordered ex works as an upgrade (Item No. WUX-DIGITAL).



    News 2022.03 - Driving trailer Type X

    The Driving trailer of Type X!
    The X-car models are offered as three-part half trains that can be assembled to form a whole train with an impressive 1.280 mm. For those who do not have enough space in the display case, we offer individual driving trailers that provide the half train with a dignified, if not completely exemplary, end piece.


  • 726-630-PW

    Post wagon

    The Austrian Post's postal wagon!
    The Austrian Post's narrow-gauge mail van would probably have looked like this, or at least similar, and would have linked the remote communities along Austria's narrow-gauge lines with a mobile post office.


  • 725-602-RA

    News 2022.02 - The Rabensteiner ...

    ... and Bakery Penzenauer!
    The municipality of Rabenstein a.d. Pielach is located in the idyllic Pielach Valley about 35 minutes by train from St.Pölten.


  • AVN-B01-M

    News 2022.02 - Avenio Tram for Bremen

    Now the first models of the 34 series are also available!
    The Avenio from Siemens is a further development of the short-articulated Combino and is already in service in several European cities. To be able to realise the Avenio Bremen in model form, and thus to expand the in-house Avenio fleet by another member, is a great honour for the small Viennese model railway company HALLING Modelle! Now three different cars in standard colouring are available, just like the "Moin" already introduced at the end of last year!


  • WUX-3TL-S

    News 2022.02 - Viennese Type X

    The new Type X subway for Vienna!
    The Type X of the Vienna Underground, also known as the "X-Wagen", is the third generation of high-floor traction units. Following the legendary Silver Arrow (Type U) and the popular V-Wagen, the X-Wagen now represents a further development of the proven principle. It has been successively produced by Siemens since 2018 and delivered to Wiener Linien since 2020. The first models are now also available and are in no way inferior to the large prototype!


  • ZRS0725-IN

    News 2022.02 - Interiors

    New interiors for Stängl wagons!
    Not only the new "Wälderbähnle" BD, but also the postal car and many other small, very small and special series have recently received specially adapted and specially designed interiors.