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  • The Mulled Wine Wagon

    News 2023.12 - The Mulled Wine Wagon

    A wonderful Christmas tradition!
    Every year we are honored and delighted to finally be able to present the Christmas wagon. This year it took a little longer, but it was worth the wait!


  • 1023-W

    News 2023.12 - The historic Schneebergbahn

    The new historic real wood water car
    The ride on the unique and over 100-year-old Schneebergbahn from Puchberg to Hochschneeberg is a real narrow-gauge experience! Almost as exciting is the now completely revised and breathtakingly beautiful model of the legendary historic water car!


  • Advent calendar

    News 2023-12 - Advent calendar

    24 days - 24 percent - The HALLING Advent calendar!
    A daily look at the Halling website can sometimes be worthwhile during the Advent season. Every day - and only for this one day - there is a model with a 24% price reduction.


  • Avenio Nuremberg

    News 2023.11 - Avenio Nuremberg

    The Avenio Nuremberg is now available!
    With new residential areas, schools and a new university, the need for mobility in Nuremberg is growing. VAG Verkehrs-Aktiengesellschaft Nürnberg is therefore expanding its streetcar fleet with low-floor vehicles of the Avenio type from SIEMENS. It is a great honor for the small Viennese model railroad manufacturer HALLING Modelle to be able to realize the very successful prototype in a model and thus expand the in-house Avenio fleet by another member!


  • Wasserkräne-Gruppe.jpg

    News 2023.11 -Black Friday

    The most honest Black Friday deals!
    In the United States, the Friday after Thanksgiving is known as "Black Friday". As Thanksgiving always falls on the fourth Thursday in November, the following Friday is considered the start of the Christmas shopping season. Black Friday has long since arrived in Europe and is celebrated with all kinds of enticing and special offers! Many customers expect promotions, especially in online retail, and we can't disappoint these expectations!


  • Water Cranes

    News 2023.11 - Water Cranes

    Witnesses to a lost epoch!
    A water crane is used to supply steam locomotives with large quantities of water for steam generation. As the steam is continuously ejected into the atmosphere, the water supply must be topped up regularly during operation. The normal water crane consists of a vertical pipe with a jib pipe that can be swivelled sideways over the tank filler opening of the locomotive or tender.


  • Abfallentsorgung_2

    News 2023.10 - Waste Management 1:87

    A very sought-after model has been reissued!
    The almost filigree prefabricated models of the authentic 660L refuse containers are exemplary painted and printed. The models of the completely revised new edition, consisting of up to 9 individual parts, now feature three different lid shapes, some of which are even movable. This means that there are now more than 30 different bin models available, enough to realise even the most ambitious recycling project down to the smallest detail. 


  • B-3010

    News 2023.10 - Viennese Cube Clock

    The Vienna Cube Clock - a timeless classic!
    The first cube clock was already installed in 1907 next to the Vienna State Opera at the intersection of Ringstraße/Kärntner Straße. Even though the size, technology and dials were to vary over time, the basic shape always remained the same over the decades, which somehow also makes the design "timeless".


  • ANT-CUS-08-H0

    News 2023.10 - Custom Drives

    It is not the size that matters, but the right technique!
    Called out in a low voice, and all too often spoiled by somewhat desperate overtones, the message of men was spread to all countries of the world. After countless attempts, setbacks and revisions, we can proudly announce: With our technology, you get exactly the size that matters!



    News 2023.10 - Lorries

    Over 15 new lorry models!
    The Lorenbahn, also called Feldbahn or Rollbahn, is a narrow-gauge railway, usually not open to the public, of the simplest design for transporting agricultural, forestry (Waldbahn) and other raw materials such as clay, peat (Moorbahn), stone and sand. These picturesque railways also once played an important role in the processing industry. Thus, light railways were often found associated with fireclay factories, brickworks or sugar factories.


  • WGG-NT1-BS

    News 2023.10 -White models and Kits

    Greatly expanded assortment!
    White models in architecture or design serve to assess the outer form without being distracted by a colour scheme. In model making, the term has become established for unpainted, and therefore often actually white models. The white models from HALLING are neither painted nor glued, and are therefore in a condition that allows the model railroader to realise his own colour scheme.


  • VAR-B34-M

    News 2023.09 - Flexity Berlin

    With humor and Berlin Schnauze!
    As already promised, the Flexity Berlin 3027 and 3034 are also available! As a special surprise and also as an expression of our love for the Berlin model, all Flexity models can now be decorated in an exemplary manner. There is a choice of five of the now legendary BVG slogans from the current "Because we love you" campaign.



    News 2023.09 - The cog railway of FERRO-TRAIN

    40 years of cog railway models!
    1983: Michel Jackson's album "Thriller" stays at number one in the US album charts for 37 weeks. The SPÖ becomes the party with the most votes, but loses its absolute majority, leading to Bruno Kreisky's resignation. And Gerhard Riedl aka GERARD launches the first kit models of a narrow-gauge cog railway modelled on the Austrian Schneeberg.


  • OLD-L44-M

    News 2023.09 - Vintage Tram Lissboa

    150 years of the Lisbon tramway!
    The Lisbon tramway, Portuguese Carros eléctricos de Lisboa, has existed since 1873 and has been operated electrically since 1901. We would like to congratulate the great city and its tram on its birthday and dedicate a model from what was probably the most beautiful era in its history.


  • VAR-B17-M

    News 2023.09 - Flexity Berlin

    The Flexity Berlin is back!
    When we announced a small series of the Berlin Flexity models in May last year, we were somewhat surprised by the popularity of the models. The models created by completing the overproduction were sold out within days, which also caused some resentment. All the more reason for us to present the first models of the new edition 2023!



    News 2023.08 - Vintage Tram Prague

    The museum railcar 109 as a model for the first time!
    The Czech Republic is a Central European country with graceful castles, local beers and a long history. The capital Prague is home to the magnificent 9th century Prague Castle, a well-preserved medieval Old Town and the statue-lined Charles Bridge.


  • M-114

    News 2023.08 - Fences and railings

    -25% on all fences and railings!!
    A fence is an enclosure. It separates two areas permanently or temporarily by a man-made boundary. It is usually made of wood, metal or, more recently, plastic. Unlike a wall, however, it is in principle transportable and permeable to a limited extent.


  • AEG-E11

    Salzburger Lokalbahn E11

    150 years of SLB E11!
    The small machine was built in 1913 by AEG in Berlin and was first used on the Wesel-Rees-Emmerich light railway. Since 1983, the electric locomotive, known as the E11, has been in service with the Salzburger Lokalbahnen (SLB).

    Thus, in 2023, the little locomotive will celebrate its "40th anniversary of service" with the Salzburger Lokalbahnen and its 110th birthday. That's a total of 150 years! We congratulate you!


  • GT4-F09-M

    News 2023.07 - GT4 Freiburg Tw 109

    The legendary Freiburg 109 is available again!
    The first GT4s were delivered to Freiburg in the early 1960s. The four-axle articulated railcars based on the Stuttgart model were adapted by Maschinenfabrik Esslingen. Apart from the prominent red indicators, it was above all the equipment for one-man operation that was necessary for use in Freiburg.


  • Motorräder

    News 2023.07 - Motorcycles

    -20% off all motorcycle models - Let's Ride!!
    The season has long since begun and the little Preiserleins* are finally allowed on the track! The "International Motorcycle Day" takes place every year on June 22nd. Unfortunately, we missed the date, so we're doing the action a month later.
    Until July 22nd, all motorbike models in stock are 20% off!