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2021-06-07 14:58:48

News 2021.06 - Mix&Match Oldtimer Catalog

"The oldtimer trams are a matter for the boss!"

The numerous small Oldtimers Trams from HALLING Modelle always were the hobby of the company founder Leopold Halling Senior. With great joy and a lot of patience, he personally made the highly detailed and lavishly designed models.




New developments for these models were always done on the side and should cost as little as possible. Over the decades, HALLING Modelle has created a coherent kit of classic tram parts that all fit together. Whether this or that car body, they all fit on the chassis. A closed driver's cab or the open cockpit from days long gone? No problem, the plug connections are standardized!

For the first time, this kit is to be made publicly available. You can put together your own set of tram parts for little money, because one thing is obvious: even after over a hundred different oldtimer trams have been honoured by a model, there are still hundreds waiting to be implemented.

Self-made, high-coverage decals from HALLING Modelle can be used for the colour design. Instructions for presentation can be downloaded from the new homepage.

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