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2023-01-13 20:23:42

News 2023.01 - Reko-Trams Berlin

NEW! Models of the BVG's bi-directional reko cars

Many thanks for the lively response, the BVG's furnishing recos are selling quickly. Now the next new Reko train will follow to complete the BVG fleet. Since the final stops at Wasserwerk and Altglienicke had to be relocated due to the lack of a reversing loop, bi-directional Reko cars were built in 1969.




From the early 1970s, the first surplus Reko trains were given to Potsdam, Strausberg and Woltersdorf and some Reko cars were converted into work cars. The use of Reko cars in Berlin ended in 1996. 

The current series shows the Berlin classics in this very era from 1992-1996. See for yourself that the new model corresponds to the prototype! The BVG 3011 railcar has been preserved in the Hannoversches Straßenbahn-Museum e.V. and can be compared in Wehmingen (Sehnde) on the quaint grounds of the former Hohenfels potash mine on Sundays and public holidays from April to October.

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